Soul Silver Whirl Islands Map

By | July 5, 2020

Soul Silver Whirl Islands Map

» introduction » walkthrough »» game maps »» gym maps »» ruins of alph » world map » battle frontier »» trainer list »» pokemon list »» pokemon by trainers » faqs gold silver crystal. Which whirl island has the waterfall in pokemon soul silver?

Pokemon Heartgold And Soulsilver Game Maps
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These islands, previously a single island, have four seperate entrances at the bottom of the cave is a massive waterfall where lugia dwells should you have the wave bell or silver wing. The whirl islands are an archipelago found at the end of the stormy seas. The whirl islands are a quartet of islands situated in between olivine city and cianwood city.

Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver game maps.

The confusing maze of interconnected islets that make up whirl island can be frustrating, so study the maps below. Inside this route, there are four entry points into the whirl islands, and each entry point has its own small area. Once you have the earth badge, head out from cinnabar on route 20 to seafoam island. Beneath the sea, a maze of dark caves sprawl, with explorers able to travel between the four islands with some amount of difficulty.

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