Detailed Map Of Croatian Islands

By | December 16, 2020

Detailed Map Of Croatian Islands

According to measurements obtained in early 2000s the largest islands in the adriatic sea are cres with an area of 405.70 km2, and krk with an area of 405.22 km2 (in earlier literature, including atlases, krk was usually cited as. This is a list of islands of croatia.

A Map Of Croatian Islands
A Map Of Croatian Islands from

Detailed croatian islands map with the main 63 croatian islands. The capital of croatia is zagreb and the coastline of 5835km consists of 1246. There you will still have a 1h30.

Detailed political and administrative map of croatia with roads and cities.

Croatia boast a magnificent coastline with over one thousand islands dotting the clear blue waters of the adriatic rendering it a favorite resort for all beach lovers. The number and classification of islands in croatia varies over time and by different measurements, causing some domestic controversy when discrepancies are found. It covers the croatian coast as far south as zadar. Find your perfect getaway with our guide to the croatian islands.

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